Many people commonly mistake alternator problems with battery problems. The difference lies in the way your car will behave. With a battery problem, because it is the only source of electricity on your vehicle, the whole vehicle would lose power without the jumpstart of your battery. If your battery is bad, your whole vehicle won’t be able to function correctly. However, if your alternator is giving you trouble the headlights will flicker, the stereo will turn off randomly and turn back on, and other such small alternator related problems. Thankfully, getting it replaced isn’t very costly or time consuming, and at City Garage we know just what your car needs to get it up and running again.

Still driving with a bad alternator is extremely dangerous. It would be best for you to take care of your alternator related problems right away! Drop by your local Lewisville City Garage and let one of our ASE Certified Mechanics take a look before your car stops running.

Your local Lewisville City Garage mechanics are able to provide a car alternator test. Stop by your Lewisville City Garage auto repair location and let a Lewisville ASE Certified Technician start your car again by doing a charging system repair. With our services, you can either make an appointment online or over the phone. Call us today and receive the full return on your investment into your vehicle. We are available to serve you; City Garage Lewisville is here to help!