Is your Automobile AC rattling or giving you signs of wear? We think we can help. City Garage is committed to the customer in every sense of the word, and we understand that we aren’t just building better cars; we’re building relationships too. With that being said, we believe that we can solve any AC related problem you have with your automobile. Call us today for expert quality AC repair and/or diagnosis! You can also take advantage of our $49 air conditioning inspection coupon!

When it comes to your AC system, we are confident that we can mitigate any problem you’re experiencing. Our Lewisville mechanics will do a diagnosis of your air conditioning system, as well as provide options for repair and patchwork for leaks and other known issues.

If you run your AC system in the cooler months too, you’ll prevent the system from drying out and being unusable in the summer when you actually need it. Here at City Garage, we aren’t just here to make money. Our focus will always be to provide tips and tricks for you to have a better running vehicle and air conditioning system.

Our Lewisville garage offers free Wi-Fi so you can continue working while your Lewisville AC is being repaired. As an alternative, you can drop of your automobile and one of our employees will bring it to your home or office when service is complete. Also, don’t forget to become a City Garage Preferred Customer and save on your next visit at You can call (972) 283-CITY or just bring it in today and we will get started in no time!