Brake Repair

Brake Repair

Brake repair in Lewisville TX

If you’ve ever been cut off at the intersection by a pedestrian, another automobile, or have been caught by the tail end of a yellow light, then you realize just how much we rely on our brakes every time we hit the road. Preventive maintenance is the key to ensuring that your brakes don’t let you down when it matters most, and you can count on City Garage for superior and professional brake repair in Lewisville TX.


Your individual driving habits and the hot Texas climate both affect the durability of your braking system, and having a routine break inspection every 20,000 miles can help prevent a disaster. An automobile’s brake system consists of several components, with the master cylinder representing the heart of the unit as it pumps through brake fluid, which allows them to work by creating hydraulic pressure. Worn pads, a misfiring cylinder, or any small malfunction can cause brake failure. Our experienced and certified technicians can identify any problems early on, and we offer complete Brake repair in Lewisville TX and so much more.


City Garage boasts professional ASE Certified Mechanics throughout the DFW region, and we offer an array of brake repair services to fit any budget. Your brakes can fail at any time, and some common indicators that drivers may notice include, drag, pull, vibrations, squeals, and the need to push the brake pedal excessively hard or low to the floorboard. Experiencing these signs or seeing the ‘check brake’ signal light up means you need to head in for a break inspection and possible repairs.


If you require brake repair in Lewisville TX, don’t hesitate to come by City Garage and let our auto repair experts and ASE Certified Technicians get your vehicle back on the road safely. Making an appointment is as easy as a phone call or using our online form. We offer free WiFi at all of our DFW City Garage locations, and you can even drop off your vehicle for us to return to your home of office after your brake repair services are complete.