If you’ve ever asked about the life expectancy of your vehicle, and hadn’t gotten a satisfactory answer, you’re not alone. There are hundreds who can’t seem to find an unbiased source on what is appropriate maintenance scheduling and what is overkill. The truth is that the dealer’s recommendation isn’t always fair, but every car does need maintenance in order to be operable beyond normal usage.

Your car could really last you anywhere between 100k and 150k miles. This number depends on a whole host of things like your driving habits, what kind of strain your car experiences on a daily basis, how many miles you drive at once, and whether or not you’ve followed the factory recommended maintenance recommendations. These all play a factor in determining whether your vehicle will make it past the 150k mile-marker. At City Garage Lewisville, we not only diagnose your problem, but we also put together a preventative maintenance plan that is fitted to your needs.

Have you ever speculated how many miles your vehicle should be able to go before getting a new car? At Lewisville City Garage our Lewisville ASE Certified Technicians will keep your car on the road for 150,000 miles.

With a precise plan created by your Lewisville City Garage mechanics getting your car to the 150,000-mile marker is easy with your cooperation. To get your car to the 150,000-mile manufacturer’s maintenance goal our Lewisville mechanics will supply you with a service plan outlining oil changes, tires rotations, updates to your fuel system and ways to keep your belts and hoses in mint condition. Give us a call today!