New Tires

New Tires

The Best Place to Get Tires in Lewisville, TX

What do you look for from a tire shop when you need new tires? Do you value a good selection of products from leading manufacturers, all available at competitive prices? Maybe you want a helpful, experienced mechanic who can explain how to keep your tires in good shape for longer? No matter what you value when it comes to an exceptional tire purchasing and installing experience, we can provide it. We are tire service specialists in the local area that do far more than simply provide fresh tires; we offer a comprehensive installation, balancing and maintenance service which can enhance the longevity of your existing tires as well as make sure that new ones are correctly mounted and likely to last well.

A Discount Tire Store Near Me in Lewisville, TX

When you turn to us for discount tires, we will firstly check that your existing tires actually require replacing – our aim is to offer every customer honest, frank advice, which gives them the information they need to make decisions about their vehicle which is right for them. If you do need fresh tires, we can tell you the differences between the various products we stock, so you’re clear on what the benefits are of each selection. When it comes to installation, we balance each tire carefully; checking alignment and rotation to make sure everything is set up properly. When you’re searching for a discount tire store near me in Lewisville, TX, we are the shop that provides a one-stop solution to all your vehicle requirements.

Discount Tire Store Near Me That Offers a FREE Alignment Check

If you’ve noticed that your tires are wearing unevenly, it’s worth bringing your vehicle in for a quick alignment check – we will perform one for FREE each year for our customers. Poor alignment can mean your tires wear out more quickly, so it’s always worth checking that their placement is correct. In addition to selling tires near my location in Lewisville, TX, we also have plenty of advice to give that can make your tires last that little bit longer. From checking your tire pressures regularly and altering them if necessary, through to regularly inspecting your tires for signs of wear and tear, we’ve got lots of tips to increase the length of time your tires will last.

Branded Tires Near Me in Lewisville, TX

If you’re looking for a tire shop near my location in Lewisville that offers excellent customer care, we’re here for you. We offer a fast, responsive service that’s geared to your individual needs – in many cases we can accommodate same-day repairs and tire installation. If you don’t want to wait as we work on your vehicle, we also offer a drop-off service, returning your car or truck to a convenient location (usually your home or workplace) at a time to suit your needs. We try to make sure our prices are always competitive and you can save even more by signing up to our Preferred Customer program, which offers an exciting selection of discounts and special offers. To find out more about our services, schedule an appointment or bring your tires in for a FREE alignment check, call us at (972) 434-4340.