Saving Money on Gas in the Summer

You might not be able to control the price of gas, but you can control how much gas you burn this summer season. City Garage is a Toyota auto repair shop in Lewisville TX that not only wants to keep your automobile in tiptop shape, but help make your gas last you as long as possible in the process.

Drive Slower

If you have a foot made of lead when you drive, you’ll want to change the element to something lighter. The faster you drive, the more gas you’re burning. You might find that you fuel economy takes a drastic downward leap whenever you drive faster than 50 mph. Do you and your gas tank a favor by slowing down.

Put Everything in the Car

Refrain from using your roof rack as much as possible. Whenever you put a bike or anything else on the roof of your car, it creates drag and harms your fuel economy. Studies have shown that clearing your roof can improve your overall fuel efficiency by roughly 25 percent.

Use the Right Oil

The next time you visit our Toyota auto repair shop in Lewisville TX, make sure that you get the recommended oil for your car. You can improve your fuel economy by one to two percent by using the manufacturer’s recommended type of oil, and you can improve the performance of your engine as well.

Lighter Is Better

Before you head out again in your car, take some time to clean it out. Having clutter and unnecessary items in your vehicle will weigh it down, which means that your car is using more energy than it needs to in order to drag everything around. Depending on how much you fill up every week, you can save roughly $75 a year with a cleaner interior.

For more tips on improving your fuel economy this summer, or if you’re in need of repairs from a reputable Toyota auto repair shop in Lewisville TX, come by and see us.